On August 29, 2017, I embarked on an unusual journey. After getting inspired by an article on RunnersWorld.com, I decided to run one mile daily, and I haven’t stopped since. If you’re like me and love taking on challenges, stick with me because I want to share some cool things I’ve learned from this running journey.

Why did I start on August 29, 2017? You ask. The answer lies with Hurricane Harvey, which drenched Houston with over 51 inches of rain in just three days.

With the streets turned into rivers, the idea of running every day seemed like a fun and challenging way to take control amidst the chaos.

My running streak has continued every day since. The first day turned into 100, then 500, then 1,000, and before I knew it, I was celebrating the 1,826th day – my fifth anniversary of running every day.

Sounds wild, doesn’t it? But it’s a journey that’s taught me some valuable lessons, which I believe could help you as a solopreneur:

1. Believe in the Possible: I started my running streak at the age of 52, and today at 57, I still go strong. My story isn’t about making everyone run. Instead, it’s a reminder that when you push your limits, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. So, why not tackle that task you’ve been putting off? Give it a shot, and you might surprise yourself!

2. Embrace the Ups and Downs: Every day isn’t sunshine and rainbows, even if you love what you’re doing. Yes, there are days when I don’t feel like running. But I lace up and hit the road anyway because consistency is key. As a solopreneur, you’ll also face good and bad days. Remember, it’s the persistence that pays off.

3. Find Your ‘Sweet Spot: Recently, I discovered the importance of staying in my aerobic zone while running, thanks to Dr. Philip Maffetone’s ‘MAF’ method. The trick is to run at a pace that allows your body to burn fat, not carbs and sugar. This has been a game-changer for me, making my runs more efficient. In your business, it’s equally crucial to find your optimal pace and method to yield the best results.

4. Start Your Day Right: Running first thing in the morning sets the tone for my day. It’s part of my routine that keeps me centered. As a solopreneur, having a morning ritual can help you kickstart your day positively.

5. Health is Wealth: Here’s a big one – no amount of running can offset a bad diet. I’ve learned that the hard way. I have now cut out sugar and ensure I eat healthily. As solopreneurs, our health is our wealth. Taking care of our bodies helps us stay energized, focused, and productive.

Bonus Tip: Try ‘Running Naked’: Now, don’t get the wrong idea! In the running world, ‘running naked’ means running without headphones – no music, no podcasts, just you and your thoughts. I’ve found it to be a great way to clear my mind and enjoy the beauty of nature. Even in your busy schedule, find some time to disconnect from the digital world. You’ll find it refreshingly calming.

So there you have it, five key lessons (and a bonus) from my five years of running every day. Whether you’re an avid runner or not, I hope these nuggets of wisdom inspire you in your solopreneur journey. Remember, it’s all about persistence, discipline, and always believing in the power of possible!