Feeling like you’re drowning in stuff? From that pile of never-worn clothes to those boxes you never opened, clutter can be overwhelming. Let me share a little story about minimalism and its wonders.

Discovering Minimalism

While flipping through the pages of “Atomic Habits” (you should totally check this book out if you haven’t), I stumbled upon the magic word: minimalism. Curiosity piqued, I then dove into “Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism”. The lessons were clear: own what you truly need, let go of the rest.

Is Your Space Overwhelmed?

We’ve all seen those TV shows about hoarders. But, what about us? Do we own things we never touch?

How many things are just collecting dust on your shelves?  Those gifts or souvenirs – when did you last use or admire them? And how much of your space do they hog?

For me, the answers were clear when I looked at my old T-shirts and untouched souvenir books.

My Minimalism Journey

Now picture this: I’m 58, married for 20 years with two daughters, and live with two furry pals, Gracie and Sadie. Our home? Pretty big. But, it began to feel like it was shrinking with all the stuff!

A week into minimalism, I waved goodbye to books I’d never read again (hello, local library donation box). I even set a fun rule: no new books until I’ve enjoyed one I already have.

Next? Refreshing the living space! Off went those unnecessary items, making the room airy and inviting.

My closet?

Full of ‘once upon a time’ outfits.

If I didn’t see myself wearing it, off it went to someone who might love it.

Oh, and those Apple boxes and school papers from ages ago?

Time to recycle!

Minimalism for the Solopreneur

You might wonder, why does this matter to a solopreneur?

Well, clutter isn’t just physical.

It affects our minds and our productivity.

Decluttering can lead to a clearer mind, better focus, and perhaps, more success.

The idea isn’t to toss everything away.

It’s about cherishing what truly matters.

For us solopreneurs, a touch of minimalism might just be the refreshing change we need.


Why not try minimalism?

Even a little decluttering can make a big difference.

Ready to join the journey?

Leave a comment below!

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