Francis Wade, author of Perfect Time Based Productivity and hosts the Task Management & Time Blocking Summit and Podcast, joins the show to discuss:

  •  Time blocking
  •  The challenges of working from home
  •  The power of meditation
  •  Dealing with being unproductive
  •  Gurus, coaches, and coaching yourself
  •  Making learning a priority

Every month, I host a live masterclass aimed at helping you increase your productivity as a solopreneur. We've covered a wide range of topics so far, everything from gaining clarity in your work to effective daily habits, decluttering your workspace, maintaining health and wellness, and mastering time management. And we're just getting started!

If you want to ramp up your productivity and achieve more as a solopreneur, these masterclasses are a treasure trove of insights and practical tools. Now, here's what you need to do next:

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