Hey! I’m Mister Productivity!


I’m also known as Mark Struczewski (my legal name) and I’m a Houston-based productivity coach and the voice behind The Mister Productivity™ Podcast. My journey in the realm of productivity is not just a career; it’s a personal mission fueled by a profound understanding of the challenges and triumphs in mastering one’s daily life and tasks.

My Story: From Overwhelm to Clarity

My story began in the bustling corridors of corporate America, where I witnessed firsthand the impact of overwhelm on even the most seasoned executives. This experience led me to a realization: productivity isn’t just about doing more; it’s about doing what matters most. It’s about transforming chaos into clarity, and overwhelm into achievable action.

Experience & Expertise: A Blend of Practicality and Inspiration

With over 1,250 episodes on The Mister Productivity™ Podcast and countless coaching sessions, I’ve developed an approach that balances practical strategies with motivational insights. I don’t just talk about productivity; I delve into the nuances of why we struggle with it and how we can conquer these challenges. My strategies are forged from real-life experiences, a testament to their applicability and effectiveness.

Specialized Knowledge: Tailored for Today’s Professionals

As a productivity coach, I specialize in helping professionals navigate the modern workplace’s complexities. From managing digital distractions to prioritizing tasks in an ever-changing environment, my expertise is particularly relevant for today’s fast-paced world.

Unique Perspective: Relatable and Actionable

My unique perspective lies in my ability to make productivity relatable and actionable. I draw parallels from everyday life, such as the discipline of running, to illustrate productivity principles in a way that resonates with a diverse audience.

Value for Podcast Hosts and Their Audiences

For podcast hosts, partnering with me means offering your audience a blend of inspiration and practical advice. I bring stories and strategies that are not only engaging but also transformative. Your audience will gain insights into managing their time and energy more effectively, leading to personal and professional growth.

Every conversation, every episode with me is an opportunity for your listeners to step back, reassess their approach to work and life, and equip themselves with the tools to lead a more productive, fulfilling life.


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