Mister Productivity wearing a Manchester City Football Club sweatshirt on a light blue background with the words The Productive Solopreneur Community

Dear Fellow Solopreneur,

Do you ever feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Like no matter how hard you work, there’s always more to be done? As a solopreneur, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by endless to-do lists and calendar appointments. But what if I told you there was a solution to help you tackle those tasks quickly and efficiently?

Introducing the Productive Solopreneur Community – a powerful resource designed specifically for solopreneurs like you who are looking to optimize their productivity and get more done in less time. With this community, you’ll get access to a range of valuable resources that can help you take your productivity to the next level.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in the Productive Solopreneur Community:

Live Monthly Masterclass (Worth $1,164)

Each month, we host a live Masterclass with some of the industry’s most successful and productive solopreneurs. These Masterclasses are designed to help you learn new strategies, tools, and tactics that you can use to streamline your workflow, increase your efficiency, and get more done in less time. With a value of $1,164 per month, this alone is a steal!

Replays of Over Ten Previous Masterclasses (Worth $970)

In addition to the live Masterclasses, you’ll also get access to replays of over ten previous Masterclasses. These replays are packed with valuable insights and strategies you can start implementing in your business immediately. With a value of $970, this is a treasure trove of productivity knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

Monthly Accountability/Q&A Call (Worth $1,164)

Accountability is vital when staying on track and achieving your goals. That’s why we host a monthly accountability/Q&A call where you can check in with fellow solopreneurs and get the support you need to stay on track. With a value of $1,164, this call alone is worth the price of admission!

Discount on 1:1 Coaching with Mark Struczewski

If you’re looking for even more personalized support, you can take advantage of a discount on 1:1 coaching with Mark Struczewski. Mark is a productivity expert with years of experience helping solopreneurs like you streamline their workflow, prioritize their tasks, and achieve their goals. With this discount, you can get the personalized support you need at a fraction of the cost.

The Productive Solopreneur Community is Worth $3,298, But You Can Get It for Just $497!

When you add up the value of these resources, the Productive Solopreneur Community is worth an incredible $3,298. But as a member of this community, you can access all these benefits for just $497. That’s a savings of over 80%!

If you’re serious about taking your productivity to the next level and achieving your goals as a solopreneur, then the Productive Solopreneur Community is the resource you’ve been looking for. Don’t waste another day feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Join the Productive Solopreneur Community today and start achieving more than you ever thought possible!

“Mister Productivity is the real deal. As a long-time member of The Productive Solopreneur Community, I can tell that I have received far more in value than I could have expected. Mark’s master classes are always packed full of useful and insightful information. All the topics relate to each other and are geared towards helping you find your “why,” gain clarity and focus, and help you get to where you want to be. His delivery style is no-nonsense, with just the right amount of humor injected to make it fun to learn. He is also always will to listen and answer questions and is truly a good person to know. I am more than satisfied with my time as a Productive Life member and plan to continue on for as long as I can.”

Daniel Bornt

Sr. Applications Engineer, Constellation Brands

“Why get a coach to help you be more productive? So you can enjoy the little moments in life. I have a lot going on with a full-time job, caregiver, dog mom, author, speaker, and my side hustle. So with all this going on, I need to keep on top of things to get the most out of the 168 hours we have in a week. This is where Coach Mark comes in. With his training and guidance, I am able to increase my productivity and still enjoy life. The monthly training for The Productive Solopreneur Community truly helps me stay in the right mindset and is a good reminder of the habits to have in place for maximum productivity.”

Kristie Ondracek, CPA, CGMA, CAE

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer, TXCPA Houston

“I highly recommend the Productive Solopreneur Masterclass! Mark gives practical advice that you can immediately implement to improve your productivity. He also encourages members of the community to experiment with different methods until they find the ones that work best for them. The Masterclasses are a fantastic opportunity to learn productivity tips and collaborate with other members of the community. If you want to increase your focus and productivity, joining a masterclass is a must!”

Jessica Combs

Data-Obsessed Measurement Marketer

“Mark has provided me with the highest level of productivity coaching available. His coaching had a profound effect on how I approach not only my business decisions but also my personal ones. Each session was customized based on my needs! Mark helped me deal with not only the daily struggles we have but also with how to set future goals using productive methods. The value you get far exceeds the cost of the coaching! My decision-making, organizational, time management, and planning skills are a huge asset in my position with Johnson Development because of Mark’s guidance and coaching. There were sessions when I needed a counselor. Mark listened to my needs, assessed the issue, and offered excellent advice! Did you know it is ok to give yourself permission to say no? Did you know it is ok to pull away from something you thought you HAD to do but found no value in doing? I highly recommend Mark, as he will meet all your Productivity needs!”

Tammy McCall

Realtor Relations Extraordinaire

“Mark has the ability to look at the big picture, your ultimate goal, then assist you in determining how to best achieve that goal. His unique approach to coaching by allowing his client to determine the topics to be discussed proves quite effective. Mark asked probing questions and offered common sense suggestions and solutions to my challenges. He helped me improve in a variety of areas, including effective communication, time management, and long-term planning. I highly recommend Mark for his customized coaching. His expertise would prove valuable to any industry.”

JoAnn Matthews

Recruiting and Business Development Manager, Corbett Personnel Services, Inc.