Fun with Productivity: A Simple Game Can Help

Do you ever feel like you’re jumping from one app to another, trying to find the best way to get things done? You’re not alone! Today, we’re sharing a story about someone who did just that. But we found a fun way to help!

The Problem: Too Many Apps!

A person called and told me a story. He liked trying new apps to help him do his work. But after a few weeks, he would start to doubt if the app was good. He would then try another app. This meant he spent a lot of time moving his work from one app to another. He realized he wasted a whole day doing this!

A Cool Idea: Make It a Game

I suggested something different. Why not make a game out of sticking with an app? Like in the movie “Hacksaw Ridge,” where a soldier keeps saying, “just one more,” to save others. I said, when you want to change apps, tell yourself, “just one more week.” If you keep doing this, changing apps will seem less important.

Personal Story: My Website

I shared about my own experience. I like changing the look of my website. But, my wife reminded me, the website is for people visiting it, not just for me. So, I learned to stop changing it just because I wanted something new.

How Can You Play?

You can use an app called Streaks (iOS and Mac) to track goals. Or, you can simply make a plan with friends to check on each other’s progress. The idea is to make trying to be productive fun, like a game.

Let’s Play!

So, what do you think? Can making a game out of being productive make it more fun? Maybe you can try saying “just one more week” before changing apps. Or find a buddy to help keep you on track. Let’s make being productive fun!

Remember, it’s not just about working. It’s about finding ways to enjoy getting things done. Let’s try to make a game out of it and see how much more we can do!