Have you ever experienced returning from a vacation feeling well-rested and motivated, only to find yourself struggling to get back into your usual routine? If so, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Even productivity experts like myself have been there.

Let me share my own experience. After visiting my parents for the first time in years, I returned home ready to tackle my work with renewed energy. However, it took only a short time for reality to set in. I had scheduled a half-day to catch up on work, but it took much longer than that. Even when I caught up, I lacked the motivation to be productive for the rest of the week.

So, how can you avoid this situation and make the most of your vacation time? Here are some tips:

Before You Leave:

– Make sure your calendar is clear, and put your time off on your schedule as soon as you know it is firm.

– Delegate tasks that need to be done in your absence, and ensure the people you delegate to are well-trained and know what to do.

– Inform others who need to know about your absence, including meeting planners, if you regularly attend meetings.

– On your last day, make sure everything you can complete is done, and check in with your backup to answer any questions they may have.

When You Return:

– Make sure you are well-rested before returning to work.

– Prepare yourself for a potential mess, despite all the preparations you made before you left.

– Meet with the person you delegated tasks to and ask how it went.

– Start small if you’re struggling to get back into the groove. Complete a small task and celebrate that victory.

– Build momentum by continuing to pile up small victories.

– Remember to take breaks and breathe.

In summary, be proactive and prepare for the unexpected. Train people to do tasks in your absence and expect the worst while hoping for the best. When you return from vacation, take it slow and start small to build momentum gradually. Remember to take breaks and breathe.

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