What do your phone, tablet, wearable, laptop, and you all have in common? They all work better and more efficiently when charged.

Have you ever experienced trying to use your device when it’s running low on battery? Most newer smartphones will warn you when the battery level drops to around 20% (such as the iPhone). When enabled, your device will shut down some features to save battery life.

But did you know that your body also sends you signals when running low on energy? These signals may include loss of focus, headache or body aches, impatience, quickly getting angry, and low energy levels.

So, what do you do when you receive these warning signals from your body? Do you ignore them and push on, or do you listen and take action?

Here are some ideas that you can implement to recharge your energy levels even before you receive these warning signals, or at the very least, when they arise:


Like many others, you may spend endless hours sitting at your desk and staring at a screen. However, your body was not designed for this, and that’s why you have legs!

The moment you begin to feel your energy dip, try this:

Get up from wherever you are and take a short walk outside, preferably in nature or as close to it as possible. This will help get your blood flowing in areas that weren’t moving and get your muscles working. If the weather permits, stand in the sun to soak up some vitamin D.

During this time, avoid using any devices, talking to anyone, or thinking about work. Just be quiet and allow yourself to recharge. When you’re finished, return to your work feeling refreshed and energized.

From start to finish, these micro-breaks will only take around 5 minutes of your time.


Consider taking a brisk walk outside (again, without your devices). You can walk around the block, around your building, or even take a flight of stairs up and down. Get creative with your exercise routine. Adding mild exercise to your micro-break will take it to another level and help boost your energy levels.


In the words of The Joker from the 2008 film, The Dark Knight: “Why so serious?”

Taking time to laugh is essential. And not just a weak chuckle, but a deep, belly laugh that makes breathing hard, brings tears to your eyes, and maybe even makes you snort or pee your pants a little.

When was the last time you laughed like that?


It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have; spending time with them can be a great way to recharge yourself and show them love. Whether playing with your dog, cuddling with your cat, or watching your fish swim, spending time with your pets can bring joy and energy into your day.

The next time you start feeling low on energy, try implementing these ideas into your routine. Embrace the power of micro-breaks, work up a little sweat, laugh hysterically, and play with your pet. Your body will thank you, and you’ll likely feel more energized and focused on tackling your tasks.