Welcome to #2 in a planned series of six blog posts, talking about my (Michelle) latest pivot.

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It’s also true confession time for me..I am writing this blog post at around noon, the day before it will be published.

I’ve been thinking about it, but didn’t execute until the last minute.

That’s not a new habit, but it hasn’t really hurt me in the past.

I do want to change this habit, but haven’t taken measurable steps in that direction. I can tell you exactly what Mister Productivity would say…Just Do It.

That is far easier said than done.

But, on to our scheduled programming.

Today’s topic is imposter syndrome.

Have you ever felt like you’re just playing a role, waiting for someone to point out that you’re not as capable as they think?

If this rings a bell, you might be experiencing Imposter Syndrome.

Today, I’m focused on understanding Imposter Syndrome and finding ways to push past it.

imposter syndrome
Image of the phrase I can't with scissors cutting the letter t off.

So, What’s Imposter Syndrome?

Picture this: You get praised at work for a task well done, but inside, you’re thinking it was just a lucky break. That’s Imposter Syndrome in action. It’s when you doubt your own achievements, even when others see and appreciate them.

What Causes These Feelings?

There isn’t a single answer. It could be from taking on a new job or project. Or perhaps you’re constantly told you’re “the best,” and that feels like a heavy weight. Sometimes, a single mistake might make you feel like your cover’s been blown. In my case, I tend to be filled with self-doubt.

Who’s Affected By This?

The truth? A LOT of us.

Men, women, young, old – many people feel like imposters from time to time.

It doesn’t matter your job title or how many years you’ve been at it.

Even experts and seasoned professionals have these moments. I

don’t know about you, but this is small comfort for me.

imposter syndrome
Image of the word conclusion

Overcoming the “Imposter” Feeling

Open Up: Talking about it can be a game changer. Discuss with friends, family, or colleagues. Two of the most powerful words in the English language are: “Me too!”

Celebrate Every Achievement: Finished a project?

Met a deadline?

Give yourself credit.

Every success, big or small, matters.

Embrace Mistakes: Everyone slips up. Instead of viewing them as failures, see them as learning moments. This is definitely easier said than done!

Keep Learning: Continue to grow. Every new skill or piece of knowledge boosts your confidence.

Remember this. As you do this, you’re ahead of most people.

It’s surprising how many people can’t be bothered to learn new things, even easy ones.

In Conclusion

If you sometimes feel like you’re just winging it or not measuring up, remember: you’re not alone.

With understanding, self-compassion, and a little pep talk, you can face Imposter Syndrome head-on.

You’ve got the skills, and yes, you’ve earned your place!

P.S. – Share in the comments a time when you felt like an imposter.

Your story might just give someone the confidence boost they need!

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