Jason Helmes, 43, turned 43 in March and is the epitome of a healthy and fit lifestyle. In this episode, Jason shares his insights. He talks about the importance of health for productivity and well-being.

The Importance of Being Healthy for Productivity

Jason believes that fitness should be the cornerstone of wealth and relationships. He has seen firsthand how fitness can be a force multiplier, improving every aspect of life. When Jason first started his fitness journey, his goal was simply to be “not fat.” Over time, his goals shifted to being ripped, shredded, and gaining muscle.

To improve in any part of life — like relationships, money, self-worth, or confidence — Jason believes it starts with the body. Once you start caring for your physical health, it gives you confidence. Then, you can tackle other parts of your life. Exercise is also vital for mental health. It helps you focus on the present and releases feel-good chemicals.

The Importance of Movement Throughout the Day

Jason and Mister Productivity discuss the importance of movement throughout the day. It’s not just for during a dedicated exercise session. Research suggests that you should stand or sit for less than six hours a day. You should keep moving throughout the day. This can be achieved through multiple walks, using a rebounder, or a treadmill.

Mister Productivity shares his morning routine. It includes 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up, followed by 30 minutes of exercise. He also stresses the need to stay active during the day. This applies even to meetings or calls.

Myths of Fat Loss

Jason debunks some common fat loss myths. For example, the idea that your body can only use a set amount of protein at once. He explains that this myth came from a study. The study looked at muscle protein synthesis (MPS). It found no extra MPS benefit from eating over 40 grams of protein at once. However, this doesn’t mean that eating over 40 grams of protein is a waste. The body still absorbs it and it provides health benefits.

Other myths include the idea that eating small meals boosts metabolism. They say it will throughout the day. Also, intermittent fasting causes growth hormone spikes. It improves glucose levels. In reality, the benefits of intermittent fasting are primarily due to calorie restriction.

The Role of Sugar and Ultra-Processed Foods in Weight Gain

Mister Productivity and Jason talk about sugar. They also talk about ultra-processed foods and weight gain. Sugar consumption per person in the US has fallen in recent years. But, ultra-processed foods are still a big problem. Eating more ultra-processed foods leads to eating more calories. This causes weight gain.

Jason emphasizes the importance of whole foods. He also stresses lean protein. He also stresses healthy carb sources like rice, fruits, and vegetables. It’s okay to indulge in unhealthy foods sometimes. But, you must keep a balanced diet and stay within your calorie goals.

Making the Decision to Change

Ultimately, the decision to change and improve your health must come from within. Jason shares his personal story of when he realized he needed to make a change. He felt tired and ashamed at his one-year-old daughter’s birthday party. He felt that way due to his weight. He decided that enough was enough.

Mister Productivity and Jason agree: it’s crucial to reach a point. At this point, the pain of staying is worse than the pain of change. Once you’ve made that choice, you can make small, lasting changes to your life.

In conclusion, prioritizing your health can greatly affect your productivity and quality of life. You can start your own transformation journey. You can do this by debunking myths, focusing on whole foods, and choosing to change. Then, you can feel the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Remember, it all starts with a single decision to make a change.

To learn more about Jason Helmes, visit anymanfitness.com. He does online fitness coaching. You can also follow him on social media. Sign up for Mister Productivity’s email newsletter at misterproductivity.com. It has more tips and free training. Until the next episode, stay productive and, most importantly, stay positive!