Let’s explore the transformative power of journaling and how it can supercharge your productivity. I share the journal I use (which I love) and my personal journaling strategies. Get ready to take your productivity to the next level with powerful journaling prompts!

Journaling is a simple yet effective way to record your thoughts and ideas. It’s a tool that can help you think clearly and accomplish more each day.

Why Journaling?

Here are just a few reasons why journaling is so powerful:

  • Improve mental clarity

  • For stress relief

  • Improved productivity

To name just three reasons.

My Favorite Journal

I like using a high-quality leather journal from Gallery Leather. It features 192 pages bound, glued, and stitched into a refined but almost indestructible, full-grain leather cover. The pages are acid-free and have gold-gilded edges.

The pen I use is a blue Pilot G-2 because it writes really well (just wait a few seconds before closing the journal to allow the ink to dry 😉).

Writing Prompts to Get You Started

I love collecting journaling prompts. Here are a few I use every day:

  • What’s 1 thing I’m grateful for?

  • What’s 1 thing I’m excited about?

  • What’s 1 virtue I want to exhibit?

  • What’s 1 thing I need to do?

  • What’s 1 thing I’m avoiding?

  • What worked yesterday?

  • What can I improve today?

  • What will I focus on today?

  • Who can I help today?

  • What micro wins must I achieve today before I go to bed?

Electronic Journals and Apps

Some people like to use their computers or phones for journaling, and some apps help you record your thoughts. You can use whatever you like; paper journals or apps. The important thing is to find something that feels right for you.

Let’s Start Journaling!

Journaling is a great way to improve your daily performance. It doesn’t matter if you write a little or a lot; what’s important is that you start. So, why not grab a notebook or try an app and write something today? You might discover how much fun journaling can be!

If you do not journal regularly, I hope you try it soon. If you are a veteran at it, share your favorite prompts below.

Happy journaling!