Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Mister Productivity podcast. Today, we’re joined by Liam Naden, an expert on the brain and how it impacts our success and productivity. Liam’s insights challenge conventional wisdom about goal-setting and achievement, offering a fresh perspective on unlocking our true potential.

The Journey from Success to Rock Bottom

Liam begins by sharing his personal story of achieving conventional success—building his dream home, running multiple businesses, and seemingly living the perfect life. However, despite his outward appearance, he is stressed, frustrated, and unhappy. This leads to a pivotal moment when he questions the true meaning of success and happiness.

Liam soon lost everything in a twist of fate – his businesses, home, and marriage. He started over from scratch, sleeping on his elderly mother’s couch. This rock-bottom experience catalyzed his journey to understand the brain and its role in our lives.

The Brain’s Natural State of Success

Liam introduces the concept of homeostasis – the optimum functioning state of an organism. He explains that nature, including the human brain, is designed to achieve and maintain this state of balance and efficiency. However, unlike other aspects of nature, humans often struggle to reach this optimal state.

The Two Parts of the Brain

Liam describes two crucial parts of the brain:

1. The Creative Brain: This is responsible for imagination, creativity, intuition, and our “gut feelings.” It’s where we get our best ideas and insights.

2. The Survival Brain: This part is designed to protect us from threats and dangers. It activates our fight-or-flight response and is triggered by fear, stress, and anxiety.

Why Traditional Goal-Setting Doesn’t Work

One of Liam’s most controversial points is his critique of traditional goal-setting. He argues that setting specific, long-term goals can hinder our success by:

  1. Creating resistance and stress
  2. Limiting our potential to what we can currently imagine
  3. Causing us to overthink and overanalyze, wasting energy

Instead, Liam suggests that our brain naturally knows the best path for us and reveals it one step at a time.

Practical Steps for Unlocking Your Brain’s Potential

While Liam emphasizes that there’s no simple “to-do” list for this approach, he offers some practical suggestions:

  1. Recognize the power of unexpected events in shaping your life
  2. Identify and eliminate triggers that activate your survival brain
  3. Trust your intuition and take action on “gut feelings”
  4. Focus on the present moment and the next immediate step
  5. Let go of the need to control and plan everything


Liam’s approach challenges us to rethink our understanding of success and productivity. By aligning with our brain’s natural tendencies and letting go of forced outcomes, we may find ourselves achieving more than we ever thought possible – and enjoying the journey along the way.

To learn more about Liam Naden’s work and his webinar on unlocking your success brain, click here.

Remember, productivity isn’t just about doing more – it’s about allowing yourself to be your best, naturally.

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