Are you wondering whether to use a to-do list or a calendar?

Well, the answer is both!

Each tool has its own special use in helping you manage your time well.

You might have heard some productivity experts say successful people only use calendars.

They schedule everything, right?

But there are others who swear by to-do lists.

The truth is, using both is the best approach.

Let me explain. To-do lists are great for jotting down thoughts and tasks when you can’t schedule them immediately.

For instance, if you’re waiting to confirm a meeting time with someone, put it on your to-do list until you can set a specific time for it.

Richard Branson, a big-time entrepreneur, is a fan of making lists.

It helps him get thoughts out of his head and onto paper.

But when it comes to your calendar, it’s for things that take up time in your day, like appointments or meetings.

If something takes less than 15 minutes, it’s probably better on your to-do list.

Now, be careful not to overfill your calendar.

If it’s too packed, you might not get much done.

Put only the things you really plan to work on.

This helps you see how much time you actually have for tasks.

Here’s something else: our brains can’t remember everything.

That’s why it’s important to write down even small ideas or tasks.

Then, sort your to-do list.

Decide what should go on your calendar and what can wait.

This way, you’re not just moving everything to the next day without thinking.

For small tasks that take just a few minutes each, try this: set aside an hour or so on your calendar just for those.

Call it “do little things” or whatever you like.

When you complete these tasks, you’ll feel great, and people will appreciate hearing from you or seeing things get done.

In summary, to-do lists and calendars both have their place.

Use your to-do list to capture all your tasks and thoughts.

Then, move things that need time to your calendar.

This way, you’ll manage your time better and feel less overwhelmed.

So, go ahead and make the most of both these tools!