Hello everyone! Every summer, I like to change my morning ritual a bit. This July, I’ve made some new changes. A good morning ritual isn’t fixed. It should change as our lives and habits change.

My day begins at 5 AM. Yes, even on weekends and holidays. The only time I don’t get up at 5 AM is when I’m really sick.

First thing I do when I wake up is to pet our 11-year-old dog named Bishan for a minute. Then, I get up, tidy up my bed, turn on the lights, and change the temperature of the house from 69 to 77 degrees.

After that, I go to the bathroom, weigh myself, and shave my head. I have been shaving my head every day since 2003, I love being bald!

Next, I drink some water because it’s important to hydrate after sleeping all night. Then, I grab my Kindle and read a book for an hour. While reading, I walk up and down the hallway for 20 minutes. This helps get my blood flowing and also learn something new at the same time.

After the walk, I drink more water and read my Bible. Then, I write down my long-term goals in a planner. I also write down an inspiring quote and the things I need to do that day.

Next up, I write in my journal. Sometimes, I write about what’s bothering me, or my hopes and dreams. Other times, I just imagine fun things that could happen in the future.

I then practice Spanish on a language-learning app called Duolingo. This helps keep my brain active and I’m learning a new language too!

As soon as there’s enough light outside, I go for a run. I’ve been running at least a mile every day since August 29, 2017. When I get back, I cool down, take a shower, and then eat breakfast.

Before going to bed, I make sure to finish eating by 6:45 PM and avoid stress after 7 PM. I turn off all screens by 8 PM and read my Kindle till about 9 PM. Then, it’s bedtime.

Remember, this ritual works for me, but it might not work for everyone. Try some of these things and see if they help your morning ritual. After all, a good morning ritual can help us start the day right.

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