Best Planner

As a solopreneur and productivity coach, I know the value of a planner.

Although I used to rely on my iPhone for planning, I now use a paper planner.

I’ve tried out several planners in the market, and the one that works best for me is Grant Cardone’s 10X Planner (affiliate link).

What sets The 10X Planner apart is its simplicity.

It eliminates the need to answer questions or ponder and instead provides space for setting intentions and getting things done.

Each day in the planner is divided into two sides: the planner with time blocks for different parts of the day, and the 10X Journal with sections for writing goals, a quote of the day, daily targets, successes, and goals (which should be written down twice a day).

Here’s how I use the 10X Planner.

Unlike most people who plan their next day at the end of the day, I immediately add any tasks that come up during the day to my targets for the next day in the planner.

Why wait? Then, at the end of the day, I review my successes, cross off any incomplete tasks (to keep an accurate record), and plan for the next day.

Since I started using the 10X Planner, my productivity has improved significantly.

Why? Because I’m constantly competing against myself.

My daily goal is to complete every target I set, although I admit I only sometimes succeed.

Sometimes life happens, and other times I may get lazy.

If you’re searching for a planner to elevate your productivity, check out the 10X Planner I use daily.