Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and struggling to stay focused?

What if I told you there’s a simple but powerful technique? It can bring mental clarity, cut anxiety, and boost your productivity.

Journaling isn’t just writing. It’s an ancient practice. Modern research shows it can transform your daily effectiveness.

In this post, I’ll share my journaling strategies. I’ll also give you prompts to help you unlock your full potential.

Print or Electronic Journal?

It seems as if there is an app for everything these days.

The most popular journaling apps are:

But when it comes to journaling, I’m old school.

I use the Desk Leather Journal (Ruled) – 8″ x 5.5″ from Gallery Leather (I buy direct).

For the writing, I use the Pilot, G2 Premium Gel Roller Pens, Bold Point 1 mm, Pack of 12, Blue, which I get from Amazon. Note: When using this pen, wait a few seconds before you close your journal. This lets the ink dry so you don’t smudge your pages.

There’s just something powerful about writing in a printed journal.

Don’t know what to journal about?

Here’s what I do:

Every morning

  • I write the date – day of the week

  • I write my 2024 goals

  • I write out and answer the following prompts with one word or, at most, one sentence:

    • What’s 1 thing I’m grateful for?

    • What’s 1 thing I’m excited about?

    • What’s 1 virtue I want to exhibit?

    • What’s 1 thing I need to do?

    • What’s 1 thing I’m avoiding?

  • Fun facts: my answer to what I’m grateful for is “waking up,” and to what I’m excited about is “today.” I truly love what I do and love life! After all, I identify as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

Every evening

I write out “3 things I am grateful for”.

I challenge myself not to write the same things because I am thankful for so many things.

Things to be aware of when beginning to journal.

1. Stay consistent. Challenge yourself to write in your journal every day. Even if you just write the date/day and “I don’t feel like writing in my journal today because…” which could inspire to write!

2. Avoid procrastinating. I recommend you commit to journaling at least once a day. Choose a time when you will write, rather than “whenever.” And please, don’t put off journaling until you get the “perfect” journal (which doesn’t exist). This is called procrastination. Start today.

3. Avoid overthinking. Instead, just write. This is your journal. You don’t have to share it with anyone. There is no wrong or right way to journal. There’s YOUR way.

4. Give yourself space. Don’t journal in a hurry. Gift yourself time – when you’re calm and in a good place – to journal.

Take your journaling to another level.

  • Consider using your journal as your personal therapist. When you’re struggling with something, write about it. The solution may very well present itself to you.

  • Write quotes that inspire you.

  • Write out your takeaways from a book you’ve read. Or from a documentary you watched. Or from a podcast you listened to. Or from a conversation you had. Or from a training you attended.

  • Become a collector of journaling prompts. Follow people on social media who post about journaling. Add the prompts that inspire you to your collection. You don’t have to use these every day or at all, but they’re tools in your journaling toolbox.

Final thoughts.

Unlock the life-changing power of journaling today.

You may prefer the feel of pen and paper or the ease of a digital app. The key is to find a method that resonates with you. Then, commit to writing regularly.

Don’t overthink it or wait for the perfect moment. Just open a fresh page and let the words flow. They will improve your mental clarity, productivity, and well-being. Each will do so one heartfelt entry at a time.

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