Productivity Mistakes

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about five big mistakes I made with productivity.

My journey to becoming Mister Productivity wasn’t easy. After I lost my job in July 2005, I decided to start my own business.

I didn’t know much about being an entrepreneur, but it sounded exciting.

I first tried photography, but it was tough, especially because social media was just starting.

When I wanted to learn how to speak to groups because I liked helping people, a friend suggested Toastmasters and the National Speakers Association.

That’s where I learned a lot about speaking but also felt very overwhelmed.

One of my coaches noticed I was good at getting things done and suggested I teach others about productivity.

That’s how I started sharing what I know about being productive and handling stress.

I launched my website,, in January 2011, but my journey started back in 2005.

Here are the five big mistakes I learned from:


I used to think too much about every choice, which slowed me down. Now, if someone I trust suggests a book, I buy it right away instead of wasting time deciding.

Trying for Perfection:

I always wanted everything to be perfect, which isn’t possible. Now, I focus on doing my best and moving forward.

Sticking to One Way:

I used to do things only one way. Over time, I learned to be open to new methods, like writing plans on paper instead of just using my phone.

Doubting Myself:

I was scared to call myself an expert. Now, I understand that an expert just knows a bit more than others and shares that knowledge.

Not Following My Advice:

Sometimes I didn’t do what I teach others. I’ve learned it’s important to practice what you preach.

I hope sharing these mistakes helps you improve your productivity too.

Remember, it’s about getting better every day and helping others along the way.