Refund Policy of Mark Struczewski

By using this site,, you agree that the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and the Refund Policy of Mark Struczewski govern all purchases you make. Throughout this document, the course purchaser will be called “Student.”

All invoices are due upon receipt and must be paid before the first session. The amount and payment options are specified in the invoice. Client may pay for services rendered by credit card via Stripe or PayPal. Client understands and agrees that Client is financially responsible for all payments. No refunds are possible after the purchase has been made. However, if the service was for multiple sessions, refer to your contract for exact cancellation conditions. If you have a multi-session package but want to be released from the contract early, please email, and we will assist you.

This does not apply to courses. See below.

All membership contracts may be canceled by the member “no questions asked” within 30 days. The cancellation should happen BEFORE the next payment date on multi-pay or the 30 days anniversary of the original purchase. You can qualify for a full refund if you paid via annual pay minus the month you used, as long as the request was sent via email before the 30-day mark. For multi-pay plans, if you cancel before the 30-day auto-bill date, you will not be billed for future months and will only pay for the month you used. After the 30-day mark, the member is responsible for the entire amount per the purchase contract, but if you are on a multi-pay plan but want to be released from the contract early, please email, and we will assist you.

Memberships and masterminds are subject to the duration described on the checkout page. Make sure to read the details carefully before purchasing to make sure you pick the right plan.


If the Student made an accidental purchase, he/she has 24 hours following submission of the payment to notify Mark Struczewski in writing via email sent to to receive a full refund, making sure the conditions don’t fall into the Refund Exclusions detailed in this Policy. Conditions for the full refund are that the materials were consumed (no logins, no % taken, and no live participation).


The Student may still qualify for an 80% partial refund under the following conditions:

1) The request for a refund must be made in writing to within 90 days of the purchase date. After 90 days, no refunds will be considered.

2) The refund request must be accompanied by proof of full completion and implementation of all modules and related homework during the time of active product ownership, with a written explanation of why the methods did not work. Mark Struczewski reserves the right to reject any refund requests that do not submit sufficient proof or did not actively participate in the program. Participation is measured by the number of active logins, % of lesson completion, and participation in live meetings. To qualify for a partial refund, the Student must demonstrate they have put in the work to the fullest extent possible and still did not see any benefit.

3) The product was purchased at full price without discounts, duo deals, or sales coupons applied (no upsells or add-on offers).

4) No other refunds have been issued to the Student within 12 consecutive months

5) The Student has not been terminated due to violation of the Terms of Use:

6) No claims have been filed against Mark Struczewski before writing to us at

7) No defamatory statements have been made or negative reviews published about Mark Struczewski on any public or private forum by the Student.

If the Student does not meet the above requirements, no refund will be possible.

For live in-person or live virtual workshops, unfortunately, there are no refunds or cancellations. You will be given all related materials and the replay at your discretion for up to thirty (30) days. Thank you for your understanding!


Mark Struczewski stands behind the high quality of our products and aims for total satisfaction, so if, at any time, the Student feels dissatisfied, we request that an email be sent to, and we will try our best to help. We are 100% committed to our student’s success.