Running one mile.

Taking a cold shower.

Reading for at least one hour.

Walking 15,000 steps.

Squatting for 3 minutes.

Flossing my teeth.

These are just some of the things I do every day.

I’ve been:

  1. running at least one mile every day since August 29, 2017
  2. taking a cold shower since December 22, 2023
  3. reading for an hour since October 24, 2023 (but I missed 2 days in November, UGH!)
  4. walking 15,000 steps since March 1, 2024 (before that, my goal was 10,000 steps)
  5. squatting for 3 minutes since February 1, 2024 (something I learned from Built to Move)
  6. flossing my teeth since December 24, 2023

I don’t share these things with you to brag. I share them because one of the most common questions is, “How can you do these things every day?”

The answer lies in one word: priorities.

Things that are a priority for you have a greater chance of getting done in life.

Would you not agree?

What are your priorities?

If you’re not sure (and you wouldn’t be the only one), then do this:

  • Grab your journal and something to write with, and go someplace quiet.
  • At the top of the page, write, “What are my priorities?”
  • And then begin to write whatever comes to your mind.

When you think you have exhausted your list, begin to prioritize them. What is your top priority? Your second?

There are no wrong or right answers here; there are your answers.

Once you’ve completed this exercise, incorporate these into your life. Set your days up so that these priorities are, well, priorities. Make them non-negotiables in your life.

What are your priorities? 

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