I’m Mark, also known as Mister Productivity. In this post, I’m getting real and sharing some of my personal solopreneur productivity tips and stories about sometimes missing the mark on being productive!

Confession 1: I Skip Planning Sometimes

We all know planning is crucial. I always advise people to manage their time well. The top solopreneur productivity tips I suggest are:

  • Review your day.
  • Reschedule unfinished tasks.
  • Plan your tomorrow.

But, some days, even I skip planning!

We have important tasks every day, and sometimes I think I can remember them without writing them down.

Pro Tip:

Don’t follow my example here!

Planning is one of the essential solopreneur productivity tips that can really help keep you on track.

Confession 2: I Don’t Always Stick to My Plan

Sometimes, when I’m in ‘the zone,’ I don’t want to stop!

This ‘flow state’ is a magical time of intense focus.

I plan my tasks in 45-minute slots.

If I’m in a flow state at the end, I keep going if I can.

It’s okay to veer off your plan if you’re working on something important.

productivity tips
wall of old televisions

Confession 3: Some Days, I Watch a Lot of TV!

I adore soccer (the real football!), especially Manchester City matches. They play many games on weekends, but some are during the week. I align my work around these matches. Taking breaks is crucial, right?

Confession 4: Sometimes, I Procrastinate… A Lot!

That’s right! There are moments when I delay essential tasks.

I call this ‘hiding behind admin work’—doing things like tweaking my email newsletter or learning SEO.

Now, I focus more on coaching clients, building relationships, creating content, and learning to serve you better with more solopreneur productivity tips!

Final Thoughts:

We all have habits and quirks, and that’s totally okay!

Acknowledging them and striving to improve is the key.

It’s all about moving the needle and becoming our best selves!

What about you?

Any productivity confessions or productivity tips to share?

Drop them in the comments below!

Thanks a bunch for reading, and keep rocking!

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