You might have heard about the trick of putting up pictures of stuff you dream of owning one day, like a snazzy car or a beach house.

Well, I’ve got a fun twist on that idea to share with you.

First, a quick story. I’m a big Apple fan. I have an iPhone, iPad, iMac, and more.

But there was one thing I didn’t have – an Apple Watch.

So, I made wallpapers of it for all my devices. You’re probably thinking, “Is he serious?”

Yep, I am! Every time I looked at my gadgets, there was that watch staring back at me.

Now, just by looking at it, will it magically appear?

No, of course not! But this trick is all about tapping into our brain’s power.

What is Visualization for Solopreneurs?

Imagine you really want a new pair of sneakers.

You’ve got to really *feel* that desire.

Not just because your friend has them, but because you really, really want them.

You picture every detail – their color, the feel of the laces, even their smell.

Then, maybe you cut out a picture or make a cool wallpaper on

The point is, by constantly seeing this picture, you’re reminding your brain that you want it.

It’s not about worshiping objects. It’s about setting clear goals.

How Does This Help with Productivity?

Say you often run late. Instead of panicking, picture yourself arriving early, feeling all calm and happy.

Imagine that sigh of relief when you’re the first one there.

That’s the magic of visualization – it shifts your mindset.

Or maybe you’re someone who’s always racing to meet deadlines.

What if you picture finishing your work days before it’s due? Feels relaxing, right?

For me, before I started my podcast, I imagined it becoming a success.

I saw the positive comments, the likes, the shares. That mental image pushed me to make it real.

List of checked boxes

Bringing it All Together

To harness the power of visualization:

  • Choose something you deeply want.
  • Picture it with all your senses: see, smell, touch, taste, feel.
  • Find or make a picture of it.
  • Imagine you already have it.
  • Stay focused, but remember, it’s not magic! You’ve got to work for it.

Visualization isn’t a magic potion. It’s a tool that helps you channel your energy and focus.

And trust me, when you’re laser-focused on your goal, you’re more likely to achieve it.

So, whether it’s an Apple Watch, a vacation, or starting your own podcast – start visualizing.

Your dreams are waiting for you!

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