In June 2022, my mom sadly lost her fight with Alzheimer’s disease. Her four-year struggle really hit home for me and reminded me that I had been putting my own self-care on the back burner. This might be a wake-up call for you, too, especially if you’re a busy solopreneur like me.

I remember having a deep conversation with my mom’s neuropsychologist because my grandmother also suffered from Alzheimer’s. This had me worried, “Could this run in my family?” I asked. “Is there anything I can do to avoid this?”

While there’s no surefire way to guarantee you won’t get Alzheimer’s, he told me there are some lifestyle habits that might help. His advice was simple and something we can all do: eat better, move more, and get plenty of rest. When I told him that I run every day, he gave me a big thumbs-up.

In addition to running, he suggested cutting out junk food, getting good sleep, reading tough books to challenge my brain, and maybe even learning a new language. While these things can’t promise to prevent Alzheimer’s, they can help us be healthier overall.

If Alzheimer’s or dementia has affected your family, or if you just want to take better care of yourself, why not start now?

I remember back in August 2017, during the terrible Hurricane Harvey. I came across an inspiring article about a person who ran a mile every day for 250 days straight. I was so inspired that I started my running streak that same month. Since then, I’ve run every single day. I’ve upped my running game now and usually run a 5K.

But remember, if you’re thinking about starting an exercise routine, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor first. We don’t want you to push yourself too hard, too fast.

The bottom line is, taking care of ourselves is our job. And when we feel good, we do better at everything else too. I haven’t met anyone who’s super productive and not taking care of their health.

So, solopreneurs, don’t wait until tomorrow or the next New Year’s Day to start. You and your health are worth it, so let’s start making changes today!

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